Take a look at what is below the Atlantic waves on a snorkel tour at morning or midday. Your captain will take you to two of the most popular places in Key Largo or Miami or Fort Lauderdale you will choose any of this places along with tropical fish, you will also get to see the impressive variety of marine life that inhabit the reefs.


  • Swimsuit, towel, the ability to swim and sense of adventure.

Upcoming classes

Every weekend, Other days may be available by request.

Start at $75 /per person

  • Explore the reefs with the provided snorkel equipment. (Masks, Fins, Snorkel, Snorkel vest)

  • Visit two popular site in the coral reefs of Key Largo.

  • Observe marine life in its natural environment.

  • Choose between two schedules to begin at a convenient time ( 7:45 AM y 12:45 PM)

Does not include:
  • Tips
  • Wetsuit rental (can be rented at an additional cost of $ 15)
  • Rental Camera.

Exit point

522 Caribbean Drive, Cayo Largo, Florida or 100 Ocean Drive, Cayo Largo, Florida

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